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Personal Training - Fitness

In person or Online 
mobile consult detail

Initial Consultation / Program Creation

Assessing your needs to create a personalized plan and program


1 hr

During the initial consultation, a thorough assessment will be done to determine your goals. A personalized plan will be created, taking into consideration your preferences and needs. After this appointment, you will receive an exercise program aligned with your objectives. 

Subsequent Private Sessions

Mobile Private session


1 hr

Following the initial consultation and depending on your needs, private sessions can help you reach your goals faster. They ensure optimal execution of exercises and help with motivation and commitment.

The price may vary depending on the number of sessions taken and the duration of the session. Contact me for more details. 

Mobile group session

Group Sessions

Fitness session for groups of 2 or more


1 hr

Friends Working Out

You know a few people who would like to join you in your physical activity journey. Create a group of people with similar objectives and we can make it happen. 

This service can be offered at home (if space is sufficient for the number of people) or online.

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