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Yoga at Home

10-Minute Reset Program

Posture reset through stretches, breathing exercises to refresh the mind and personalized education about healthy life habits are all items included in the 10-Minute Reset.

In this fast-paced life, we sometimes go through our day, week or even more without taking a full breath in. Our bodies accumulate tension which can lead to serious illness problems. That's where the 10-Minute Reset Program comes into play. It allows employees a healthy pause without disrupting their workday.  

Showing employees that you care about them is the best way to create trust-based relationships. This 10-Minute Reset is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to invest in their employees' well-being at a low and effective cost. 

What's included

  • 10-minute group sessions with a kinesiologist via zoom for your employees (up to 100)

  • Poster with key exercises for good posture

  • Poster to advertise the event internally

$50.00 / session


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